The Perquimans County Center for Active Living was previously known as the Perquimans County Senior Citizens Center and opened in 1979. The Center is located at 1072 Harvey Point Road in Hertford. Perquimans County Residents, active and independent, age 50 and better, may meet and participate in activities that will affirm the dignity and self-worth of the older age adult, and we are excited that in February 2023 these changes were made.  Hours of operation are 8 am until 5 pm daily Monday through Friday with activities scheduled 8:30am through 4:30pm.


The mission of the Perquimans County Center for Active Living is to seek to improve and enhance the quality of life of our older adult population and to promote their participation in all aspects of community life.

Therefore, Perquimans County Center is for Active Living and provides activities to motivate new avenues of opportunities and experiences, healthy exercise and nutrition choices, trips that are available for those who now have time to enjoy life, and companionship to rejuvenate our lives!   


Membership is free to our Perquimans County Residents 50+ years of age and their spouse. Simple registration forms are required.


Calendar of Events

The center publishes an Activity Calendar monthly. For your convenience, printed calendars of our events are available at the center or on the website.

Upcoming Events

Mon Feb 26 @ 8:30AM
Walk With Ease (WWE)
Mon Feb 26 @10:30AM
Heart Health
Tue Feb 27 @ 9:00AM
Smith's Red & White (Rocky Mount)
Wed Feb 28 @ 8:30AM
Walk With Ease (WWE)
Wed Feb 28 @10:30AM
Albemarle Hopeline
Thu Feb 29 @ 9:00AM
Bunny Door Hanger (Craft)
Fri Mar 01 @ 8:30AM
Walk With Ease (WWE)
Mon Mar 04 @ 8:30AM
Walk With Ease (WWE)
Mon Mar 04 @10:30AM
Dining w/Diabetes
Mon Mar 04 @12:30PM
Got Tech?